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Modcoach's List of Candidates Looking for a New Opportunity

Are you looking for an experienced person to fill a position in your modular or off-site company. Look no further!

Robert Sage Careers has proudly "matched quality with quality" within the Manufactured Structures Industry for over 50 years. We have the following Modular Key personnel for your review...

M-2064 -  Manager of Sales and Major projects - 35 year performance With exemplary track record with two major employers.  Produced 28MM and in previous position as manager 30% YOY growth. Achieved top 10 ranking.  Managed and supported P & L and Operations..  Mentored top performing sales representatives. Six Sigma trained and certified.  Numerous accolades   for multi story design turnkey.  Degreed.  Relocation: US or can work remotely. 

M-2065 – tenured Continuous Improvement Production Manager/QC with 20 year hands on and lead by example wearing multiple hats; flexible training up to 150 hourly employees.   Excellent OSHA safety record.   Excellent rapport with vendors, sales and project management.  Ability to meet project deadlines.    Solid references.    Lean Six Sigma Relocation SE or SW.

M-2066 - Major Custom Representative with 6 years exp. - well versed in government and all facts of commercial markets; a true relationship builder works well within a team or autonomously. Extensive negotiation techniques.   Average revenue 4-5MM   Extremely motivated and energetic with detail and a high learning curve. Education: Degreed  Relocation: Midwest   

M-2067 - Regional Branch Operations Sales Leader/Performing dual roles.  P &  L of a 700 unit fleet over 10 year exemplary  industry leadership.  Succeeded in 5 different markets in both start up and turnarounds.     Opened 2 new branches  and grew market share from 0 to 75% over 3 years maintained YOY growth with 48% EBITDA gain Direct reports 10;, forward thinking planner; reduced and controlled expenses with suppliers,   Excellent in contract negotiations.  Promoted consistently and recognized for performance.  Education Business/Communication.    Relocation: Open .     

M-2068-  Top leader and Executive Management with 13 years manufactured and modular in both residential and commercial with extensive experience as GM, Sales and Sales Management.  As GM, P & L accountability, asset management and leadership.  Changed culture of 170 reports and improved Gross Sales from $17MM to $33MM.  Led plant turn-around from -$800K/Year EBITDA to $3.9M/year EBITDA.  As Sales Manager achieved 83.9% growth from $15.5MM to $28.5MM in annual sales.  Excellent rapport with C Level negotiations, and strategic partnership building.    MBA obtained.   Solid references.  Relocation: California or Western Region.

M-2069 - Project Manager 24 years of overseeing large scale and custom projects prior position working with logistics and set crews; sole ownership of Construction Company. Managing installation, recognized by colleagues and supervisors and customers for having a solid work ethic and getting the job done on time and under budget.  Relocation: PA with willingness to travel.

M-2070 -  Director of Construction Services or Pre-Const – 25 years of accomplished QA construction building certification, and Plan Review.  Both professional modular and conventional methods; managed projects on time, complete and within budget.   Previous roles have been municipality inspector; improvement of organizational methods while enhancing operations and customer service.    Acknowledged for code and has written code manuals for certification of QA/QC.  Strong track record with solid references. Hands on in field.   BS Construction Management and Industrial Education.  US open for relocation.

M-2071–  QC/QA with 25 years of accomplished QA construction building certification, and Plan Review.  Both professional modular and conventional methods; managed projects on time, complete and within budget.   Previous roles have been municipality inspector; improvement of organizational methods while enhancing operations and customer service.    Acknowledged for code and has written code manuals for certification of QA/QC.  Strong track record with solid references. Hands on in field.   BS Construction Management and Industrial Education.  US open for relocation.

M-2072 - QA/QC Manager with 7 years of modular experience for major manufacturer.  * Management & Supervisor skills * Reading and understanding prints * Familiar with Commercial construction * Construction Skills * Factory and line work * Works well with others * Strong teamwork skills   Assisted in approvals for commercial code standards and increased production throughput.   Detailed.  test reviews of all skilled trades.  Known for working side by side with plant personnel liaison with Engineering, Plant and Production to maintain accuracy in code standards. All hiring and training of Plant/ QA personnel.   ducation:  HS Relocation: Northeast

M-2073 - Purchasing Manager with over 25 years of experience. Purchaser of materials for modular structures for the production of single family, multi family and light commercial applications for on site construction facilities. Maintain inventory levels per rate of productions. Perform semi- annual raw material inventories. Set up new vendor accounts and manage performance of existing vendors according the the guidelines of practices and procedures. Degree: Accounting Relocation:  North East and South East. 

M-2074 - Manufacturing Supply Chain professional - a 24 year veteran has held positions as Purchasing/Sourcing Manager, Director of Manufacturing and Product Control.  Implemented two separate /ERP Systems. Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and 5(S) techniques lead management teams.   Reviewed and reconciled 3M worth of past due invoices and all coordination of logistics.   Skilled negotiator. MBA Degreed Relocation: Open       

M-2075 - Operations/Plant Manager with over 25 years of experience in the Manufactured Structures Industry. Manages overall function and daily operations and production of Modular/Manufactured Homes division. Overseeing over 150 employees, meeting production quotas while maintaining the highest quality. Reviewed and prepared orders for proper and efficient scheduling to maximize productivity and profit. Implements policies and procedures, conducted interviews, reviews and hiring. Highly motivated with extensive knowledge of all facets of the industry. Solid track record of meeting/exceeding company goals. Expertise in Permitting and Building Codes. Degree: BSM  Relocation:  US

M-2076 -  Project Manager with 16 years modular both residential multi-family and high end  commercial buildings.  Previous positions GC on commercial and government buildings.   Excellent at planning and scheduling; outstanding communication skills both verbal and written.  Ability to direct a team to complete a project with quality on time and within budget.  Relocation: US

M-2077 - VP of Operations Career spans twenty one years with one major employer on transactional dealer side. Expanded territory through effective servant vision leadership; responsible for 13 branches managed 9 direct reports, with 21 indirect reports. Oversight of strong 21 external sales representatives; to include also 10 inside sales representatives. In addition to 180 operational employees. Asset management of 89MM exceeding EBITDA goals for 5 consecutive years achieving 15% YOY of growth. Significant accolades and contributions: • Developed “Make it Right” program CSI index rose by 10% above other regions. Initiated speaker series for sales teams. Team leads won “Rookie of the Year”. • Creation of training manuals for customer service and dispatch. Program was adopted by other Regions. • Fleet Management lowered transfer cost of 374K freight costs Previous positions Area Manager, Territory GM and Branch Manager promoted five times. An effective problem solver, team player and leader. Has won numerous awards for results hands on. Education: Degreed/Economics. Willingness to travel as needed.

M-2078 -  Accomplished Senior Executive with 18 years of modular manufacturing experience, possessing extremely strong analytical and strategic skills. As VP Marketing, instrumental in driving revenue from $28M to $104M through aggressive Marketing efforts and complete revamping of home plans, websites, collateral, and PR efforts. Managed multi-plant IT, Order Processing, and Engineering groups. Drove cost savings by consolidating several operations into one plant location. Developed multiple KPI’s to track order flow and improve forecasting accuracy. Personally invested in the company and member of Board of Directors along with Private Equity Company. BS Mechanical Engineering. Prior Experience with Fortune 500 companies.

M-2079 -  3rd Party Inspector  Over 10 years - Experienced Field Inspector versed in the thorough inspection of the production process.  Determination of code compliance with the manufacturer's quality program. Reporting all fact finding material defects and providing certification inspection for commercial and residential sites throughout the US. This includes knowledge in all forms of construction, HVAC and MEP. Solid references. Relocation: US   

M-2080 - Engineering Design Manager with 13 years experience, working knowledge of Revit Architecture for permanent design build both concrete wood, and steel. Excellent supervisory skills and presentation skills to clients.   Also skilled in setting up design standards for large scale commercial and custom modular home projects.   Degreed. Relocation: Southwest or remote.

M- 2081 - Revit Designer 4 year’s modular concrete, wood and steel.  MEP layout liaison with various departments.  Strong analytical skills.    Degreed.  Open to relocation

M-2082 - Manufacturing District Sales Manager.  Worked with Dealer network in commercial and residential side.  Liaison with estimating, procurement, project management and engineering.  Grew annual revenue from 30MM to 45MM. Previous positions started territory from scratch.  Implemented hiring procedures still used companywide.  Philosophy: “build a competitive atmosphere that always keeps the team hungry; and wanting more.”  Management style Lead by Example.  Degreed. Relocation: open

M-2083 – Plant Manager or VP of Manufacturing Over 20 years experience in Factory Built Structures including wood, light-gauge steel, and structural steel framing.  This experience includes residential and commercial...HUD and Modular...Domestic and International.  Keenly identified on new growth opportunities through market analysis, product/brand awareness to increase market share. Excellent communication skills and an attention to detail.  Highly proficient in Plant certification and start ups. Degree  Relocation US flexible and open. 

M-2084 - Sales Manager with 30 plus years in modular; a diligent leader experience in building highly motivated sales and design teams that exceed goals of 18MM and contribute 6MM individually.  Experienced in all phases of commercial and multi family as well as high end single family homes.  Degree in Drafting and design.   Relocation:  Midwest.

M-2085 - Production Manager/QA  with over 20 years in the Manufactured Structures Industry. Excellent team leader, decision maker, planner and facilitator.  who is skilled and accomplished in working with employees and management as a team in all facets of production. Relocation: West and South West.

M-2086 - Architect/Project Manager with over 30 years of experience in a full range of Architectural services, from Design through Construction Administration and Project Management. ICC Certified Building Plan Reviewer. Registered Architect NCARB . Excellent freelance rendering skills, Auto CAD, Micro station. Has won Design Awards. Degreed: BAA Relocation: US.

We recruit in all disciplines pertaining to manufactured structures.

•       Sales both dealer and manufacturer

•       Operations 

•       Engineering

•       Production

•       QC


•       Estimating

•       Project Management

Please contact or for more information. 

You can also contact us  863.662.4185. Thank you.

Commercial Developer Says "Stop Building Modular Projects Bass Ackwards!"

Modular construction has been gaining popularity for years for its potential to compress construction timelines, lower project costs and shrink the environmental footprint of putting up a new building. But even as developers unveil modular projects in some of the nation’s largest cities, industry veterans believe we’ve been going about the process all wrong.

“In many cases, modular construction has not made good on its promises,” said Justin Stewart, CEO of Synergy Construction, a Seattle-based general contractor. “We’ve spent six years and considerable resources flying around the country to meet with modular suppliers and view projects in person to identify why so many of them go awry.”

Stewart’s conclusion was that developers are looking through the wrong end of the telescope, and thinking about modular construction completely backward, right from the pro forma. By reversing the way it thinks about modular projects, the industry can actually achieve the kind of savings and progress that modular promises.

When sourcing a typical residential project, Stewart said, developers will consider their job site and the zoning restrictions on height and floor area to give them their net rentable square footage. Then they multiply that number by local market rent, giving them their maximum possible revenue for the site. Lastly, the developer will hand the project off to architects, who are tasked with slicing and dicing up the proposed property into apartment units that can help the developer reach that maximum revenue. 

Only once an architect has completed a massing proposal for the new building will developers ask themselves whether they can build the project more efficiently with modular building techniques.

Related Article: What Every Architect and Developer Needs to Know About Modular Construction

“At that point, you’ve already wiped out so much of the value of doing modular construction,” Stewart said. “If you start instead with optimized modular units and floor plans that make sense, you can make projects that are more sustainable, more affordable, where tenants actually want to live.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire BISNOW article

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Reporters Desperately Need Educated About Modular Construction

When a reporter writes about modular construction being the best way to make housing affordable, you would think they would look into exactly what a modular home is before writing their article.

That seems to be lost on a lot of them. They are not only confused about the differences between manufactured housing (HUD) and modular housing (IRC), they actually lump them together when they write their articles.

Imagine opening your Yahoo! Finance email and finding an article with the headline “Modular construction will make homes affordable” written by a misinformed reporter telling Yahoo! readers that: 

“Because modular construction can cost 20-30% less and speed up construction timelines by 50%, the industry has grown over 34% since 2015, according to Census data.”

Take a couple of minutes and read this article written for Yahoo! Finance by Sarah Paynter today. Maybe she will want to write a retraction and do an article about real IRC modular housing which isn’t manufactured housing.

CLICK HERE read the entire Yahoo! Finance article

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

4Ever Frame is Ready to Serve the Off-Site Construction Industry

I recently met Mark Wheeler, the Regional Sales Manager at WorldWide Door Components, at the MHBA Annual Meeting in Harrisburg, PA and was introduced to his newest product line, the 4Ever Frame.

The 4Ever Frame is an innovative, new alternative to traditional wood door jambs. After extensive research and development, Worldwide Door Components has formulated a poly-fiber Door Frame System that combines all the strength and stability of wood without the rotting, warping and splitting. The 4Ever Frame is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus, salt, chemicals, insects and pollutants. 

This unique formulation means that the 4Ever Frame can be machined the same way traditional wood jambs are but with no added hassles! It is the answer to a maintenance free entryway.

When compared to wood frames, the 4Ever Frame can be painted and nailed, easily machined, provide the same use and functionality and has the same shape design as a wood moldings product’s solid material.

The 4Ever Frame will maintain its integrity for years to come.

For more information, contact Mark Wheeler at

Sunday, October 25, 2020

It's No Surprise to Anyone that Construction Costs Keep Rising

Both new commercial and residential construction projects are victims of rising costs, a shortage of skilled labor and regulations and things could always get worse.

These days, most of your favorite mid-market purchases come cheap: laptops, televisions, cars, housecleaning, home exercise and sanity are all at bargain-basement prices, after inflation, compared to decades past. (Thanks, Roomba, and generic Prozac!) But not home construction and remodeling. The same home construction project with an eyebrow-raising price tag a decade ago now costs the blood of your first born.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average single-family home cost $222,511 to build in 2009 ($82 per square foot), and $296,652 in 2019 ($114 per square foot), which is a 15% hike after inflation. If you want to own your home, you can’t avoid these numbers by simply buying an old home: New construction prices tend to boost the price tags of nearby older homes.

“In all my years in the business, I’ve never seen prices go down,” says Gregg Cantor, president and CEO of San Diego build and remodel company Murray Lampert, who has been a contractor for 37 years.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article

Friday, October 23, 2020

US Modular Home Factories at Capacity Despite Coronavirus

On Wednesday I visited the Excel Modular Homes factory in Liverpool, PA. It's the first personal visit I've made to any modular home factory in many months. I will be visiting more modular home factories over the Winter to share what I see happening within our industry.

This is just one example of the amount of new homes being produced by modular factories across the US and it's beginning to look like 2020/21 could be record setting years for the modular housing industry.

Almost every home leaving this plant is custom. Some started as modified standard floor plans offered by Excel to their builders but a lot of them are ideas directly from the home owners to the builder, just proving that modular housing can deliver just about whatever you dream of building.

Here a couple of videos of the tremendous amount of teamwork and organization needed to produce 3 or more homes a week from one assembly line. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Retiring is Not Easy for New Home Builders

Recently I’ve learned that a couple of modular new home builders want to sell their business now that business is booming and just know someone will want to buy their home building business.

One of the biggest reasons many successful home builders want to sell their business is to fund their retirement fund. Sounds good on paper and even while discussing it with your spouse but reality can be quite a wake up call.

That reality includes several factors:

Other builders are also looking to retire

The vast majority of today’s new home builders, both modular and site builders, are eligible to be card carrying members of the AARP, the organization anyone 50 years and older can join. Many, if not all are planning to retire and sell their businesses also, so why would they want to buy another builder’s business

The kids don’t want to take over the family business

Getting the kids to take over the family business has been discouraged by most builders not wanting their kids to have to own a tough business with all the ups and downs associated with building new homes. Those same kids have also overheard you complain about subcontractors that caused major problems and cost the business thousands. They’ve also watched their parents yelling and screaming about how this customer screwed them over and how that cheated them out of the final payment. Kids aren’t stupid, especially yours!

Your salesperson, supervisor or office manager will want it

If there is any group of people that will probably never buy your business, it’s the people that work for you and know where all the skeletons are buried. They work for a paycheck and if you can’t provide one on a steady basis, they’re the first off the boat. Besides, most have little or no savings and couldn’t get enough to pay you what you want.

My modular factory could buy my business

That is probably the worst case scenario. Why would your modular factory want your business? First, they are a manufacturer that builds the major components for builders like you. They don’t finish the house for the customer nor do they actually get involved with selling it either. They simply want to have you order a home, build it and ship it to you so you can finish it.

Reality can be cruel and selling your modular new home business is appealing mostly to you, not others. Besides, what are you selling?

You’re selling your business name, your tools, your office unless it’s rented or in your home, and good will. You aren’t selling work in process because the profit doesn’t come until it’s finished and the new home buyer has moved in.

New homes, in almost every state, come with extended warranties on the house, the foundation and many other things the new home buyer will expect you to fix. Neither your new buyer nor your kids won’t want to take on any expenses you are responsible for. 

There are many conferences you could attend on transitioning into retirement by selling your business and lots of consultants ready to help you, for an upfront fee, but the reality is you are not selling something that is a repeat purchase like a beauty shop or a restaurant. Even though you are building something tangible, what you’re really offering is a service.

Being a new modular home builder requires a special type of person. You have to be a counselor and a consoler,  a salesperson and a repair person, a negotiator and sometimes even a prick. Selling your business to someone that doesn’t have those qualities means your business may not be around very long after it’s sold.

And if you’re lucky enough to actually find a buyer, be prepared for the buyer to ask you to hold some or most of the financing. That becomes worthless when they go out of business.

When the time comes for you to get out of the home building business, I really hope everything works out exactly the way you had hoped but don’t say I didn’t caution you.

Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach is the owner of the Modcoach Network consisting of Modcoach News, Modular Home Coach and Modcoach Connects.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Clayton Increasing Its Vertical Integration Off-Site Footprint

Clayton Homes announced Tuesday a venture into home-improvement services with a new company called HouseSmart Construction.

Led by Chuck Morgan, who was recently named HouseSmart vice president, the initiative means Clayton Homes stores and independent retail partners now will provide a variety of construction services.

"We’ve heard the need for a better solution from many of our retail partners as they seek to overcome challenges of keeping up with the growing demands and complexities of site construction in our manufactured housing industry," Morgan said in a statement.

Clayton Homes recently acquired RCB Trucking out of Sparta, Tennessee, as a part of the new initiative. Morgan said company leaders want to grow HouseSmart's footprint nationally in the coming years.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Choosing Modular Construction is the Right Way to Build

an article by Lilly Cao:

As every professional in the building industry knows, construction can be a costly and endlessly time-consuming endeavor. Delays are almost more frequent than on-time construction, and can be induced by extensive bureaucratic requirements, weather and other unexpected circumstances, inadequate planning, too few personnel, or a whole host of other causes. 

Lengthy construction projects can also negatively impact public perception of a project even before it has been built, especially if the projects experience delays or inconvenience those who live or work close to the building site. 

Moreover, some projects simply need to be built along a faster timeline than is typically feasible for a traditional construction project. 

Thankfully, there exists a solution for those seeking to drastically reduce construction times: modular construction.

CLICK HERE to read this very informative ARCH DAILY article by Lilly Cao

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Essential Book of Modular Housing

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the modular construction industry or simply a prospective new home buyer investigating modular home construction, there is one book that should be on your reading list.

In 2003, Andy Giannino published “The Modular Home”. Not only does it explain just about every aspect of the process of how to design, build, set and finish a modular home, it is very well illustrated with details you really need to know.

Andy is the owner of The Home Store, one of the largest modular home builders in the New England area of the US.

For the modular home builder it is a great reference guide on the process of modular construction that will be referred to often in your career.

For the new home buyer looking into modular, it explains so many things that builders never tell you. Both on-site and off-site home builders will find a wealth of information about building a new home.

CLICK HERE to order this valuable book on Amazon