Saturday, February 22, 2014

Google Uses Shipping Containers for Their Latest Project - The Barge

Google Barge, which has been sitting unfinished and idle alongside a pier in the middle of San Francisco Bay, will soon be on the move. Interior pictures show it could be one of the biggest uses of shipping containers ever assembled for one project.

The barge project, expected to be a floating product and Google X concept showroom, will be relocated in a month or less from its current home alongside Treasure Island. Earlier this month, a California state agency said Google either had to move the project somewhere else or get a permit to finish construction at Treasure Island's Pier One.

According to Mirian Saez, director of island operations at the Treasure Island Development Authority, Google informed her staff last week that the project -- made out of dozens of shipping containers built atop a freight barge -- would be "gone within 30 days."

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