Friday, February 14, 2014

A Member of our Modular Housing Industry Needs Your Help

My friend, Ellen Stovall, an employee of Palm Harbor Homes in San Antonio, TX is the Operating Manager of the Blue Angel German Shepard Dog Rescue.

Yes, they get snow in Texas!

They rescue German Shepard dogs from "Kill" animal shelters in the San Antonio area, nourish them and get them ready for adoption. Until recently, Ellen has able to keep the shelter going through small donations and her personal monies but the shelter is seeing a higher number of dogs at the "Kill" shelters that she needs to rescue and the limited funds is not enough to keep doing her work effectively.

She is unaware that I am doing this campaign on her behalf but I am asking everyone if they visit her website and consider making a small donation to help one member of the Modular Housing family help save these beautiful dogs.

I thank you and I'm sure Ellen and her rescue dogs will be delighted with your gift.

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