Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starbucks Going Modular in Wyoming

Casper, Wyoming is a lot more understanding than the planning folks in neighboring Cody, about 200 miles to the Southeast, who won’t even consider a modular home that is built better and more luxurious than the surrounding homes.

Casper’s newest Starbucks was lowered by crane unto its location this week and will be ready to serve its first Latte by March 1st. The reason is this Starbucks is a modular building.

The new building was made in Oregon from recycled Wyoming snow fences, according to Casper Community Development Director Liz Becher. It is part of the company’s effort to build with local materials in styles that suit the community. The modular is LEED certified, which recognizes sustainable building practices.

Starbucks is continuing to look to the modular concept for future stores similar to what Seattle’s Best is doing in Texas. Read more about Seattle’s Best’s modular stores.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Casper County Commissioners should invite their fellow Cody County Commissioners over for a "cuppa" and discuss the advantages of Modular.