Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation Presents "The Critical Path"

What is The Critical Path?

During its first year of operation, MCCEI met with over 125 built environment professionals from across the state and asked them, "Where do you see this business heading over the next 10 years?"

What we heard was astounding.

The Critical Path report is a summation of the data and opinions MCCEI gathered from the state's industry leaders. It covers technologies, building processes, business planning and efficiencies the industry is adopting in order to remain competitive and deliver value to customers.  The report addresses the skills gaps affecting the industry and analyzes the state's construction-education programs.

The study produced a set of strategies for Maryland's construction stakeholders, state policymakers, Maryland State Department of Education, community colleges and universities to better align the state's educational offerings with the needs of the construction industry.

MCCEI will use The Critical Path report as a foundation to build a world-class education system for Maryland's built environment.

Be sure to read page 18. It talks about modular but even it leaves a bad taste in our industry’s mouth when it states that modular construction is of lesser quality. We need to address this with MCCEI.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if and when this will be address by factories/ builders/and other modular stakeholders - Hmmmm!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps modular factories should propose joint apprenticeship programs with two year colleges/ trade schools/ and modular builders to raise the quality perception imputed in this survey. Wonder what a consumer survey would define as the quality levels of the on site builder community.

Anonymous said...

Hello - PR opportunity for the producers serving Maryland - guess their asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!