Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Beautiful Example of a True Modular Home

Kris Megna sent me another home to showcase the beauty of modular construction. Again, it was completed in the snow while site built home builders were wondering how to get the snow off the floors.

Dreamline Modular Homes, located in Lexington, MA and one of the top custom home builders in New England, has done it again, This time with a 3,800 sq ft home they recently completed in Andover, MA.


Randy said...

Let me say that I appreciate the headline that has "True Modular Home" in it. There were several recent posts by the coach concerning the public misunderstanding of the product. This is one way to be part of a solution over coming confusion. I use "True" Modular every time I refer to the product. In addition stop referring to site builders as stick builders. Modular is stick built.

Coach said...

I've heard so many definitions of what a modular home is that I'm just about ready to come with a new term completely.

Personally I like the term:

"Best Damn Home You can Own"

but I don't think it has legs. Until someone comes up with a good name for true modular homes, there is still going to be a lot of confusion.

Randy said...

Perhaps this is a cause you could undertake with your readers? To me this is a basic foundational type of issue to attack. I do not think we will get away from saying Modular and it will be lumped into the other M words. If, however, as an industry we can say True Modular and then not indicate a difference between stick and Modular that will be a start.

Coach said...

You still have the west coast people that prefer the term "prefab" and the Texas factories that punch out on-frame modular homes. So what is True Modular to these folks?

The best cars are factory built as are windows, airplanes and iPhones yet mention that you are going to have your home built in a factory and people immediately think double wide trailer.

I open to starting a campaign. Just make sure it is understood by everyone involved.

Randy said...

First of all thanks for the shout out that there is True Modular in the Western US. Right on!.
Secondly you make my point. Everyone is trying to come up with their own way of not being confused with other M words. Our industry is so fragmented (that was a Capt. Obvious statement)that everyone is taking on core issues individually. Maybe others out there do not see this as an issue?

Anonymous said...

I think many True Modular Builders see this as an issue, especially if their competitors are selling HUDULARS! I also think it is one of the main reasons many site-builders won't consider off-site constructed homes as a viable alternative to site construction. The term Modular just gets lumped in with mobile and manufactured. It is extremely confusing for a lot of people to truly understand the differences!