Friday, March 28, 2014

Cutting Edge Homes Video Showcases Their IBS Home

Cutting Edge Homes delivers Modular and SmartPanel Homes for single and multi-unit projects in California, Hawaii, the New York region, and Internationally. They do not provide individual homes for single-projects in the USA outside of California, Hawaii, Florida, and Georgia.

Cutting Edge Homes provides wholesale priced Modular and SmartPanel homes and uses a network of contractors that can help provide the new home owner with a turn-key experience. Many of their clients purchase the home from Cutting Edge and have a factory certified set-up crew receive and set the home, and use one of their authorized local general contractors to file for permits and perform the site-work.

They showed a 4,800 sq ft home at this year’s IBS that was a mix of modular and timber frame. Here is a video that showcases this absolutely beautiful home that was started and finished in only 6 days.

Eat your heart out site builders. “Gotta Luv Modular”

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Tim Watson said...

Congrats to Isaac Lassiter and Team. Very well done.