Monday, March 10, 2014

Do Modular Home Builders Know Their Boomer Customers?

For a couple of weeks I've been asking modular home builders and modular factory owners and management if they really know who is buying their homes or are we just waiting until each individual prospective new home buyer gives us their list.

Nobody in the modular housing industry has ever asked the new home buyer why they bought a modular or a site built home or what are the features that today's buyers want and desire. The buyers just assume that these items will be included in their new home when it is delivered and set. From personal experience as a modular factory sales rep and as a new home builder, buyers always have selective memory when it comes to what they thought you said was going to be included in their home.

If you build for the Boomer crowd, the NAHB has just released a list of things that the over 60 crowd would like to see in their new homes. Here is just a partial list of those items just in case you are the least bit interested in what they would like to have in their new home:

Overall floor plan features: 
-Main living areas on one story
-No steps between living areas on one story
-Clear walking/turning space between living areas (5 ft. x 5 ft.)
-Hallways at least 4 ft. wide
-Interior doors 36-inches wide for 32 inches of clear width, with levered hardware

Garage/carport features: 
-Covered boarding area (if a carport)
-Ramp to doorway or sloping floor from front to back of garage (if floor is required to be lower for fume protection)
-Five-foot aisle accessible between van and car, and wider than average carport to accommodate van wheelchair lifts
-Garage door 9 ft. or higher to accommodate a raised roof van with wheelchair lift 

Electrical/lighting/safety smart features:
-Audiovisual system indicating when doorbell, telephone, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors have been activated
-Accessible light switches, thermostats, and controls no higher than 48 inches from the floor, and accessible space (30 inches x 48 inches) in front of switches and controls
-Security/intercom/control system that can be monitored from any TV in the household (heating, air conditioning, and lighting)
-Flashing porch light or 911 switch (direct wire to police, fire, and EMS if desired)

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Anonymous said...

If they did then many of their standard plans would change to reflect the market - Hint - the track builders have !!!!