Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dreamline Homes Builds Another Beautiful Modular Home

Dreamline Modular Homes, located in Lexington, MA and one of the top custom home builders in New England, has done it again with this 3,600 sq ft home they recently completed in Carlisle, MA that anyone would love to claim as their own. If you did not see this home featured here, you would never believe it could ever be confused with anything but a site built home. For more info contact Kris Megna at Dreamline.

Notice the snow on the ground in the last picture. If this were a site built home, the buyers would have to wait until Spring to move in. It has been a bad Winter in New England this year.

Attention Modular Home Builders!

If you would like to showcase your homes on Modular Home Builder blog, simply send me some nice photos and a quick description of the house and where it is located and it will be featured here at no cost! Send your photos and info to Modcoach at

I'd be willing to wager that I don't get more than two homes.

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