Thursday, March 27, 2014

Men's Journal Writes Dumbest Article About Modular Homes - EVER!

Imagine my surprise when Men's Journal wrote an article titled "How to build a Modular second home" and included this horsesh*t in their opening paragraph:
Modular houses, the umbrella term for homes constructed entirely or partially at facilities far from their eventual addresses, were extraordinarily popular during the late sixties and seventies, when the suburbs were growing along with the middle class. Today, these homes are more closely associated with the displaced and the stylish. As if to illustrate that point, Brad Pitt built prefabricated homes in New Orleans for displaced locals after Katrina. Even when no disaster has hit, shelter magazines frequently devote spreads to the modernist prefab homes cropping up in hip locales like Marfa, Texas and Big Sur, California. But, despite the press, only 8.9 percent of the new houses built in the U.S. last year were modular.
Note:  (This includes mobile homes, HUD)

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that this guy just needed to fill space. The minimal research he did on this subject was evident. This "article" didn't really address the title. Nowhere in the body of the article did I see a reference to either a primary or second home. What little info this article did provide would never have made me want to research any further. I don't get why any editor would ever allow a piece such as this. He would have done better selling another ad.

Larry said...

Hey Andrew......Maybe you should do your "Homework" before you write an article. Journalism is writing the truth and based on Facts. You need to brush up on these things......L.B. Maine

Unknown said...

There was an option to tweet the article. I did that..with an introduction..this article is ridiculous