Monday, March 24, 2014

Mobile Homes Are Not the Same as Modular Homes

I just read this huge article in the New York Times Magazine about mobile home parks and just have to share it with you. I was fascinated by the demographics of the typical mobile home owner.

The Cold, Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U.

From the New York Times Magazine
By Gary Rivlin

“Don’t get too hung up on appearances,” Frank Rolfe reminded us as our tour bus made its way to the first of several trailer parks we would visit on a bright Saturday afternoon in Southern California. “Remember, you don’t have to live in these homes.”

It was Day 2 of Mobile Home University, an intensive, three-day course on how to strike it rich in the trailer-park business. Seventy-five or so students had signed up for the class, which Rolfe offers every other month in different places around the country. Most of the enrollees weren’t real estate speculators; they were jittery members of a hard-pressed middle class. 

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