Monday, March 10, 2014

Modcoach Wins Wager about New Homes

I made a wager with all the modular home builders that read this blog and there are hundreds of you, that after running a pictorial of a home built by Dreamline Homes in MA I wagered that I would not receive more than two more builders submitting homes.

Dreamline Custom Modular Homes

I won the wager as only Par Development Group in NY and Big Sky Custom Homes in NJ sent over any pictures.

This exemplifies one of the problems with both modular home builders and factories. We all complain that nobody is telling the home buying public what modular homes are and how nice they look and then we don't send over any pictures of completed houses to Modular Home Builder blog to actually showcase them.

This blog's readership is huge and homes pictured here get picked up on Pinterest and Facebook where they are shared with people that are ready to build a new home. There is NO CHARGE for any home listed on this blog and each article will have a link to your website and email. And did I mention there is no charge for this?

I am embarrassed to lose this wager but apparently nobody in the modular housing industry, either builder or factory cares if our homes are showcased and publicized.

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Anonymous said...

Coach Don't despair - You are a "Candle in the Darkness" for many.
Of course, I wonder why builders would not pursue "FREE" advertising maybe they are making too much money and have an abundance of clients.