Monday, March 3, 2014

New Zealand Builders Looking to Modular Home Construction

Building companies in New Zealand say branching out into modular homes could make housing more affordable.

New Zealand's largest home building company, G.J. Gardner Homes, says it is considering building prefab houses.

Fletcher Building, another of the country’s large builders, is also considering factory-producing homes.

Fletcher Building's general manager of investor relations and capital markets, Philip King, says the biggest saving with modular homes would be in labor, which can be up to 20 percent of building costs.

However, he says setting up the factories to build the homes may cost too much to make it worthwhile. He is also concerned that the extreme weather conditions might make using modular homes difficult to use.

Obviously he has never read Modular Home Builder blog!

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Sheri koones said...

I include two prefab houses in New Zealand in my upcoming book Prefabulous World and they are both beautiful and efficient. This shows prefab is happening in New Zealand.