Monday, March 31, 2014

NJ Newspaper Recognizes the Importance of Modular Housing

When it comes to extracting every bit of revenue from their publications, few do a better job than newspapers. And when it comes to running a supplement in a newspaper, it better be something that people will want to read or the paper will lose money if it prints it.

So when the Asbury Park Press looked at printing a special advertising supplement for it's weekly newspaper readers, they knew that modular housing was now one of the biggest and best ways for NJ to rebuild post-Sandy and wanted their readers to learn more about this wonderful home building option.

It's one thing for me to shout about our industry but it's another to learn that a newspaper with a  circulation of over 100,000 was printing a special "Modular Home" section. First NJ, then the entire US.

Gotta Luv Modular

Here are some of the modular home advertisers in the special supplement:

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