Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tedd Benson's Article Hits at the Heart of Site Building Problem

I have never been a fan of Tedd Benson, owner of Bensonwood Homes, especially after he wrote that modular housing sucks. So imagine my surprise when I read his article about the problems he sees in the site built housing industry.

Now if good old Tedd would have just offered modular housing as solution to this problem, I would have been delighted but alas he still has no time to even mention it. That would mean that this "pompous a**", as one person commented in my previous article about him, is still a die hard stick builder.

Here is Tedd's article that I found to be a direct hit as to why all new home builders should consider modular housing for their next homes:


Posted on March 17, 2014 by Tedd

In my last post, I vented a little about the cover of the largest professional homebuilding magazine (Byline, “Smart Building Starts Here”) depicting a construction site that might have been exceptional 100 years ago, but today should be an industry embarrassment, not a magazine cover. Finding that the photo proudly displayed on the cover was only part of the reason for my dismay.

The home under construction was to be the “New American Home,” the featured model home at the International Builders Show.  Its purpose is to show off the latest process and products our industry has to offer.

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