Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today's Builder Breakfast Highlights Modular Industry

This month's Builder Breakfast, which I hold every month, was really packed with some great guests. There were two factories represented, two mortgage companies, an appraiser and 6 modular home builders.

Every topic concerning the modular industry was discussed but the one that I was most interested in was if the modular factories have done much in the way of addressing converting site builders to modular.

Unfortunately, there still isn't a major push by any factory to establish a team to go forth and preach the benefits of modular home construction. That was a topic I wrote about almost 4 years ago and got a lot of comments.

I think it's time to refresh your memory by running that article again as it appears not a whole lot has changed in 4 years. Here is the article:

Trying to convert a site builder to the modular experience can be one of the most frustrating things a factory sales rep will ever encounter. If you are not used to being told "no" over and over or having your phone calls stopped by the gatekeeper and generally being ignored by a builder that has been hand building homes for the 20 years, then stay out of this industry.

Site builders and tract home developers are so ingrained in their processes that short of a stick of dynamite you will have a hard time in having them consider making the change to modular housing. It takes such an incredible amount of time and perseverance to convince them to actually try a modular that most factory sales reps give up long before they should.

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Anonymous said...

I see there is no response as of yet from any factory owners or reps. Seems as though this isn't a subject that they feel deserves any discussion, or they are afraid of the subject matter, saying nothing speaks volumes.....