Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Builderonline Has Great Story about Modular Housing in NJ

Modular Building Goes Mainstream in
Storm-Ravaged Areas

Factory-built homes engineered for coastal conditions are taking off in towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
By Jennifer Goodman, Builderonline

Along the coastal communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners are turning to off-site construction as a way to rebuild their homes affordably, efficiently, and quickly.

More than 650,000 homes along the shores of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut took the brunt of the October 2012 storm. Estimates are that close to 60,000 homes still need to be rebuilt, and many homeowners are exploring alternatives to site-built construction.

“The storm has forced a lot of people to look into how they want to rebuild,” says Mike Dayer of Phoenix Custom Homes, a modular builder in Manahawkin, N.J. “It’s really brought modular building into the mainstream here.”

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