Monday, April 14, 2014

Capsys Ready to Begin Building Modules for "My Micro NY"

The nine-story “My Micro NY” project, located on the northeast corner of East 27th Street and Mt. Carmel Place, will consist of 55 prefabricated apartments averaging about 300 square feet with 40 percent of the units being offered at below market rates. The mini apartments, built by CapsysCorporation, will contain nearly 10-foot ceilings and seven-foot-wide balconies in addition to 16-foot-long overhead loft spaces and full closets.

The micro-units, being installed on the site of an old surface parking lot near Bellevue Park South, are expected to be available for rent in 2015. The ground floor of the completed property will contain 678 square feet of retail space.

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Randy said...

But wait...I am told everyday this can't is not for my is not the same as "regular" won't work on this site.
How in the heck did Capsys land this job? I am baffled???