Friday, April 18, 2014

Excel Homes Delivers Apartment Complex to New Jersey

Excel Homes just delivered a nice apartment building to Madison, NJ for Royal Wave Development.

The Ridgedale Condominium Project is located in Madison, New Jersey and is a large three story apartment building catering to high income residents of the Madison NJ area. The building consists of 13 large living units on three levels over parking and storage space.

Modular construction is being used by more developers than ever because of controlled costs and time to completion. Being able to complete these projects in a few months instead of up to 18 months for site building, means that the revenue stream begins quicker and the entire project is more profitable.

When Frank, from Excel’s Liverpool, PA plant brought in this order, he knew that once the developer uses modular for the first time, it wouldn't be their last. If you need a project completed quicker and with a tighter rein on costs, modular is the way to go.

Here are pictures of the Ridgedale Condominium project.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a well done modular building by a great manufacturer. I bet this took a great amount of time in the design process, especially the mansard roof system. Great job to all involved!