Monday, April 28, 2014

Have You Visited Your Builder Lately?

I’m not sure if the top management at McDonald’s still spends one day a year working the counter at one of their restaurants but if they don’t, they should be.

Modular home factory owners and top management should give it a try sometime. I have to ask…

”Who on the top executive team or the board, has visited a builder’s jobsite on set day recently?”

I’m not talking about a ‘ride along’ with a sales rep to the builder’s office, rather a visit to the jobsite to observe and answer the builder’s questions and listen to his/her suggestions on how to improve the overall experience.

One reason the owners or top management may not want to visit an active jobsite is that they are worried that something might go wrong with the set or that there might be a problem with a module and the builder can hold their feet to the fire on site. Well, that’s just too damn bad. It’s time to get your shoes dirty and hear the good, the bad and the ugly about your homes.

If you haven’t been to an active jobsite for some time, pick up the phone and go visit one of your builders. Do not ride along with your sales rep or even have them there. You need to show your builders that you are doing this for their benefit, not just coming along for the ride.


Gary L. Eagleton said...


This an excellent point of discussion. There are so many things that are not seen or understood about the factory to site transition that is best seen onsite the at the time of erection. I helped develop a program with one manufacturer that closed this loop and benefited builder, factory and the customer. It was amazing to see how fast this program saved time, frustration, and waste in every set.

Jerry Stump said...

I totally agree. I have always made a point to be at our companies sets. I cannot be at all of them, but I am at a large percentage. I as an owner want us to perform the best we can and the set is where the best and worse things can happen so I want to be there. If goes well, it is an excellent marketing day! If not, you better know why.

Dan Hobbs said...


I fully agree. This is week 11 for me at HandCrafted, and I have attended sets everywhere from New Jersey to South Carolina. I want to see everything -- how the ship loose materials are handled, how the modules look after transport, the fit and finish, the tiedowns being used by the builder, the responsiveness of our personnel -- you name it. Also, if there is a decision to be made it is far better to be looking at the situation rather than hearing someone describe it over the phone.
Not that I don't enjoy being in my office on a rainy day reading your blog, but....