Friday, April 25, 2014

New Folding Home Enters Market

Move over Blu Homes.

Bilt Smart Homes, headquartered in an abandoned hot air balloon factory somewhere in northern California, has just introduced a folding home that can be shipped through FedEx.

After years of engineers from around the globe working day and night, BS Homes recently unveiled their first model, the Breezy, to world wide acclaim. With funding in the hundreds of dollars from investors, they have already booked thousands of sold homes and will soon have models throughout the US, Mexico and Uruguay.

Hosting S'mores and Beer Open Houses, the company expects millions of FedEx packages to be on their way to environmental and tree hugging buyers. Federal housing regulators are a loss as to how to find ways to charge fees for these homes. Fire marshals have already said that they must have sprinkler systems which could hamper sales in Massachusetts.

As for me, where can I buy one?

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Builder Bob said...

Blu better watch out. I like S'Mores better than cheese.