Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Sheri Koones Book Features High Performance Homes from Around the World

Prefabrication and Energy Efficiency

by Sheri Koones Become a fan
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The perfect construction today is a marriage of prefabrication and energy efficiency. Prefabricated methods, including modular, structural insulated panels, panelized construction, and so on, are gaining momentum in this country. This is due to a shortage of skilled labor, and a work force that doesn't want to work outside in extreme conditions any more. Homeowners see the advantages of prefab in getting their houses built more quickly and with the quality control that comes with closely supervised factory construction.

Energy efficiency is also a growing concern and one that the prefab manufacturers have increasingly taken into consideration in their materials and methods. People don't want to spend more on energy than is necessary, and are becoming more and more interested in utilizing solar energy as much as possible. We see a growing interest in electric cars, a trend that was dormant for many years. 

Tesla has renewed our interest in using battery-operated cars, and is setting a new course for other companies as well, to profit from the power stations going up around the country. We can now envision a time when photovoltaic panels on our homes will reduce the need for electricity for heating and cooling and will power our cars -- vastly reducing our overall energy costs.

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