Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Modular Home Industry Talks a Good Game

Over the years I've observed modular home builders saying you want to have more of a voice in what is happening in our industry. Simply building more homes than you did just 3 years ago does not mean that everything is working well. Heck, the entire housing industry is rebounding and with no small part paid to Hurricane Sandy that ravaged NJ and NY, modular home building is rising also.

I've listened to you say that we should have a national organization dedicated to modular housing. Now we have one, the Modular Home Builder Association (MHBA) which has recently been reborn from the old Modular System Building Association (MSBA). If you haven't looked into joining, now is the day. Tom Hardiman, the Executive Director, has many years experience working with modular construction and fighting for our legislative rights in many states.

On the 24th of April, MHBA is hosting a "Best Practices Conference" in Philly which features some of the best people in modular housing. You can learn a lot at this conference AND learn about the MHBA and what the future of this organization holds for all of us. It's time to join the movement to improve modular housing in America.

The second thing that has been happening is a Builder Breakfast that started about a year and a half ago in Frederick, MD. This month's breakfast is April 16th. It began in a small diner, moved to a large restaurant and because of an ever growing crowd, this month it is being held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Frederick. This month's speaker is Jay Barlow, a Professional Engineer from NC. Reps from several factories will be there as well as Tom Hardiman from the MHBA and someone from PFS Corporation.


There is no better place for you, the modular home builder, to meet and talk with all these people for only the cost of a breakfast. There are still a limited number of seats available for this month's meeting on April 16th. If you build modular homes and would like to join us, you need to contact me today at 240-347-4129 or by email at

It's time we begin becoming a unified voice for modular housing. See you at either the MHBA conference in Philly or the Builder Breakfast in Frederick, MD. Heck, I hope to see you at both.

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Tom Hardiman said...

Thanks for the promo Coach! I've been working on promoting and protecting the modular industry for over 10 years now, but still fairly new to the residential side. I can tell you this with absolute certainty - if the residential modular industry does not unite soon, we will all sit back and watch as various government agencies continue to erode the market. It's too late to buy health insurance after the car wreck.