Monday, April 7, 2014

Yorkon Completes Restaurant Addition in 10 Days

When the Sainbury Supermarket chain in England wanted to add a huge and extremely nice restaurant to their existing supermarket Ellesmere Point, they turned to Yorkon, specialists in design to turn an empty slab into a beautiful place to eat.

A new concrete floor option has been developed by Yorkon for high traffic applications, such as supermarkets, and where higher point loadings are required. It allows ceramic tiles and terrazzo floors to be pre-installed off site, reducing time and improving quality.

After watching the video, I wanted to go to England just to eat in this "deli".

Yorkon also built the largest McDonald's in Western Europe using their new flooring technology. It is the 150th modular McDonald's they've built and this one is equivalent to 8 regular size stores.

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Elliot Fabri said...

Wow! Seriously impressive stuff. Where's day three through 9? It was just getting interesting.