Thursday, May 15, 2014

How Do You Answer These Questions?

During my years in construction, all the way from selling lumber and building materials through being a general contractor and ending my sales career as a modular home factory rep, I have been asked questions that on the surface appear quite easy to answer but they usually aren't.

Now that I write this blog I get several emails a month asking those same questions I tried to answer 20 years ago. I'm polite and try to answer them the best way I can. What I'd rather do is smack some of these people upside their heads. If they would just give a little thought to what they were asking they would not ask that question.

For example:
  • How much are your modular homes per square foot?
  • How much do your modular homes cost?
  • Can I get a price on this house me and Amy drew up on this napkin while we eating at McDonald’s?
  • Can I delete the heat? We're going to use a wood burner.
  • Do your homes have kitchens?
  • Can you look at my lot? I haven't bought it yet but it's only 70 miles from here.
  • I want to do my own electrical stuff. Is that OK and how much will you take off the cost?
  • I found 8 houses in this plan book I bought. Can you give me your best price on each one?

The questions are never ending and you haven't lived until you try to explain to someone that just left the Clayton Homes street lot why your homes cost more.

Share your thoughts with everyone....
We all need to know the answers.

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