Thursday, May 22, 2014

May's Builder Breakfast is a High Performance Success

Modcoach’s May Builder Breakfast was one of the best yet. Attended by factory people and builders, the breakfast featured Harris Woodward, owner of Finish Werks in Savage, MD, telling everyone that building a “High Performance” home in a modular factory makes a lot of sense.

Harris Woodward Talking about High Performance Homes

He is able to get an R-35 wall assembly with HERS ratings in the 40s. The increased cost to the home buyer is more than offset by the monthly savings in energy consumption. It was well received by everyone especially the factory folks.
Bill Wagner, a longtime MD appraiser, then stepped up and showed us the new forms available for both the builder and the appraiser to help reflect the added value a HP home can obtain resulting in a higher appraisal.

Then Tom Turner from Farmer’s and Merchant Bank explained how he looks at the appraisal for an HP home which can result in a bigger mortgage and a better debt to income ratio.

The modular factory is the perfect way for new home builders to get into High Performance homes without having to spend a ton of time learning all the rules and regulations.

If you are interested in joining us for the June Breakfast Meeting, contact Modcoach for details. Seating is limited to 25 people.


Harris said...

Thank you Coach and all the men (where were the women yesterday?) that made my presence happen at all. As busy and thankful as we are right now in this current upturn I simply had to share what is working for us. We, as an industry of NON-stick builders, have an opportunity to hit the reset button:

RE-BRAND ourselves as the purveyors of the best building construction.

We already know our buildings stand alone structurally. Zarrilli puts up solid homes speedier than any NJ stick builder could hope to. Bankers are getting religion on the reduced risk of prefab construction. We're really beginning to fire on all cylinders.

But our small block V-8 is still only firing on 6.

We have an oppty NOW to be "market makers" in the movement towards offering homes that protect owners’ pocket books from spiraling energy costs (and even eliminate them entirely), that are durable and quiet and healthy, and also make a dent against global warming.

This is not just political haymaking or hyperbole. The data is in: Americans want better homes. They want higher performance. They want energy independence. They want to know that their homes will react like their cars: what’s the MPG sticker on my home and how much “fuel” do I have to budget for this building each month?

Like I said at the meeting, the 2nd largest global auto manufacturer made the market with their hybrid Prius in 2001. With gas at $2/gal nobody was really asking for it. Few saw it coming. But ever since its launch Prius has absolutely dominated the market for hybrid vehicles and has set the bar higher for Toyota in the process.

Can we not do the same for American Homes?

Coach said...

I would like to thank Harris, Bill and Tom for their presentations. I watched most of the factory people lining up to talk with Harris after the breakfast to learn more about his unique wall system.

To be quite honest, I was surprised by the total number of factory people that attended a "Builder" breakfast. In the beginning, I had to beg them to attend but once they learned that this is about the only place in the US that brings builders and factories together on a monthly basis, they joined in to make these breakfasts a good experience for both sides of the modular housing industry.

As Harris mentioned in his comment, our industry is at the crossroad to success. If we all work together we can turn modular housing into what new home buyers will eagerly want to build. If we continue to each work without any interaction between factories and builders, we will continue to be that red headed stepchild of the housing industry staying at our meager 3% market share.