Friday, May 2, 2014

MHBA Begins New Marketing Effort for Modular Home Builders

The newly revamped Modular Home Builder's Association (MHBA) is putting some teeth into helping modular home builders and their factories promote themselves to the MHBA's growing target audience.

This new program is designed specifically to help small modular home builders present the homes they have been building to a much wider market, particularly new home buyers that are beginning the process and looking at modular as a "better than site built" home.

Beginning this month, the MHBA will feature a home built by a member of the association at the top of Home Page. The home has to be built by a factory that is also a member but that should be no problem as the list of builders and factories is growing larger every month.

Here are pictures of the first home and details of this great idea:

Just one more reason to join the MHBA today.


Tom Hardiman said...

Gary, I really appreciate your efforts in promoting the industry and our association. We went live with this yesterday and if day 1 results are telling, we expect this to be a HUGE success! We also posted a photo album to our Facebook page and in just one day, 5,814 people saw the post, 50 liked the kitchen image and 4 shared it on their pages. To echo a comment you made previously about the female audience, of the 50 likes, 39 were women! We will let your readers know the full results for the month as we get them. Thanks! Tom

Unknown said...

Website looks great! Stats sound terrific, great work everyone. Mass adoption of modular construction methods is around the corner!