Monday, May 19, 2014

Nationwide Gets Nod for Bluffton, SC Housing Project

The town of Bluffton is considering a new affordable housing program that would allow residents to demolish their old mobile homes and move into brand new modular ones. But some issues still need to be resolved before a final draft is crafted, according to town staff.

The town’s affordable housing committee received a presentation Tuesday from staff outlining the “Bluffton Small Home Series.”

Wharf Street Project home
The program would offer 24 prefabricated modular designs to residents and developers. The town would seek grant money to provide financial assistance to residents for additional construction costs. The homes would be assembled in sections by Nationwide Homes.

The proposal comes on the heels of the completion of the $1.2 million Wharf Street Redevelopment Project, in which the town constructed six homes and sold them to buyers. Under the “Small Home Series,” the town would instead sell house plans to residents or developers, who would then build a home.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see the advancement of modular construction technology evolve and towns like Bluffton, SC taking notice and understand all the benefits. Terry Fisher, Andy Miller and the rest of the Nationwide Homes team will provide a great product for the area.