Monday, May 26, 2014

USModular, Inc. Partners with GAF Roofing and The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Conway family is like most families in America. A hard working family with lots of love for each other. Recent events created a few challenges for the family, however, all that changed during a recent visit to watch the taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Mrs. Conway was present at a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show when she was asked to participate in a contest on stage. She won the contest and her prize was a new car! Ellen DeGeneres was so moved by the family story that she went a step further.

Ellen offered to build the Conway family a new house!

USModular, Inc. and GAF Roofing assisted NBC’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for the episode that aired on May 20, 2014. The Ellen DeGeneres Show teamed up with GAF Roofing to pay for the new Off-Site Built Custom Home and contracted with USModular, Inc. and the new home was ready in less than three months.

USModular, Inc. is the premier builder of Off-Site Built Custom Homes in Southern California using modern Off-Site Modular Construction Technology. The USModular, Inc. team of professionals was up for the challenge and with help from the Interior Design Team at HGTV, the task was accomplished for the big reveal on May 20, 2014 on NBC.

This beautiful new Off-Site Built Custom Home was built with modern Off-Site Modular Construction so uses green technology and has 30% more lumber than a traditional Site Built home.

This two-story Off-Site Built Custom Home has over 2,000 sf of living space, a large modern kitchen, family room with built in entertainment center, dining room and a guest bedroom with a large bathroom on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms for family members. The attached garage is big enough to house the new car the Conway’s received from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The interior of the home features custom built white shaker cabinets, custom quartz countertops , engineered hardwood floors and interior finishes chosen and installed by John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino from the HGTV Show “Cousins Undercover”.

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