Thursday, June 12, 2014

Huntington Homes of VT - Yesterday and Today

I came across these photos and ads from the late 1970's of what Huntington Homes of VT used to build and what they build today. One thing that I find fascinating is T-111 on the house.

Oh, did you notice that they were building West Coast prefabs 40 years ago. The Westies didn't invent prefabs, it was originally an East Coast home style that the East Coast factories later gave up in favor of more economical production and better design.

1979 Huntington Homes of VT model

Today's West Coast Blu Home

One of the latest homes from Huntington Homes of VT


Anonymous said...

That West Coast Blu home looks like two double wides, very unattractive and construction looks shoddy. Are they still in business?

Anonymous said...

The comparison between a 40 year old home and the Blu Home is just to creepy.