Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Modular Home Additions, a Canadian company, Needs to Change Name

I just watched what I thought was a major inroad by modular housing into the world of Habitat for Humanity but it turns out that a Canadian company, Toronto based Modular Home Additions, is just a wall panel and truss supplier. They have usurped the term modular to mean any part of a home that is built off-site.

I was really disappointed that all the people in this video now think that wall panels and trusses alone are modular construction. We as an industry still have a long road to travel before the home buying public realizes that modular means MODULAR.


Anonymous said...

Habitat for Humanity in Loveland, CO is using modular construction for their ranch housing. They recently set a home in Berthoud, CO. Habitat has worked with a local modular builder to develop plans and state approvals and then partners with a high school construction program to build the home over the coarse of the school year.

Terry Thon said...

The Organization has hijacked the idea of what a modular home should be.

I have found it is easier for customers to accept panelization ( even though there is all the subs and on site finish )

Modular homes are a finished project and better built


Terry @ HomeCrafters