Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simplex Homes Opens Satellite Office in Sunbury, PA

A satellite office of Scranton-based Simplex Modular Homes and the headquarters of the Sunbury Hill Neighborhood Council have moved into a vacant building at North 12th and Line streets in Sunbury, PA.

The two-story former office building, which is owned by Sunbury Community Hospital and rented by Sunbury Revitalization Inc., was opened Thursday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Simplex Modular Homes satellite office is on the second floor, and four people will be employed there.

Owned by the Ficchione family, Simplex was founded in 1971 as a modular home business. The company has two plants in Scranton and builds high-end modular homes, dormitories and apartment complexes.

The Hill Neighborhood headquarters is rent free and on the first floor and will be a space for committee meetings, events and storage.

Jessica Ackley, Hill Neighborhood Council vice president, said it also will be the home of the Team Business Innovation Zone, or T-BIZ, a student organization that is designed to advise the younger generation to volunteer, learn about business operations and open a functioning business in the downtown.

Dave Mertz, vice president of sales for Simplex, said he’s proud to be a part of an initiative that “breaths life” into the city.


Anonymous said...

this may be a stupid question but why would they open an office iwth 4 employees in a city 1.5 hours from the factory? This move does not make sense.

Unknown said...

Below is a recent bulletin I sent to our customer base, the logic behind what Simplex did was to allow experienced, talented professionas to work for us who may not otherwise be able to relocate, commute or were not set up to work from their home. We decided to invest in an office space that would give people an opportunity to work for us. It resulted in hiring two drafts people and two sales people. The office space we have rented is set up to accommodate several other future staff when found.
I hope this answers your question
Dave Mertz VP Sales Simplex

DATE: June 10, 2014
FROM: Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales
SUBJECT: Sunbury Office

Dear Builder,

Simplex is proud to announce an expansion of our services by opening a satellite office in Sunbury PA, located in Central Pennsylvania.
As the housing market continues to get stronger Simplex has sought out additional talent to address the needs of our builders and their customers. On May 1st Simplex signed a lease with Sunbury Revitalization Inc. and the Sunbury Community Hospital to utilize former office space of the hospital for an Engineering and Sales office. The office opened May 15th and currently has two Draftsmen and two Sales People working in the office. Simplex sees this move as a wave of future company growth by being able to provide a professional working environment to skilled people who may not otherwise be able to relocate to the Scranton area. The office space is large enough to house additional staff as needed to accommodate future demand and growth. Attached is the article about our opening in the Sunbury Daily Item.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

very interesting. A company realized where the talent was located and set up an office to accomodate the talent. Very intelligent move for Simplex.