Monday, July 28, 2014

Building a Defensive Modular Home

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Steve Conboy, President of Eco Building Products.

After the first minute I realized that here is a man with a mission. That mission is to protect every new home in the US by providing better building supplies that stop water damage, mold and insect infestation and provides great fire protection.

Important Announcement: Steve has agreed to fly in from CA to speak at the August Builder Breakfast in Frederick, MD. Contact Modcoach for additional information.

Eco is already working with at least two major modular home factories on the East Coast, Signature Homes and Nationwide Homes.

Will your home buyers spend the extra money to protect their homes? Absolutely but you have to learn about Eco to be able to sell it. And sell it you should. However, the distinctive red colors won't have you see red at the bottom of your profit and loss statements.

Check out the video and visit their website.

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