Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gainesville, GA Allows Industrialized Housing but Maybe Not Modular

The Gainesville Times, the local newspaper in Gainesville, GA, has a section where people can write or call in and with a question and have it answered in both their print and online edition. Recently someone wrote in with this question but how it was answered made me say .... WHAT?

Can I put up a modular home in Gainesville — like one of those new energy efficient prefabs — or is only stick-built allowed? I’m hoping to buy a small building lot in the 30501 or 30506 ZIP code.
 The city of Gainesville does allow for certain modular homes, ones that can be considered industrialized buildings.
“We allow buildings that are manufactured off-site and then come in and the pieces are attached together and looks like a single-family residential home,” said Matt Tate, planning manager for the city of Gainesville in the Community Development Department.
 The foundation, plumbing and hookups are completed on the lot first, then the walls are brought in to complete the industrialized building.
 The city does not allow mobile modular homes, trailers or any home on wheels.

After reading the answer I'm still not sure if Gainesville allows real modular housing into their city. First, which exactly are the "certain modular homes" allowed?

If they allow modular in Gainsville, why does the planning manager say that the "walls" can be brought in? Is he talking about panelized construction?

  • When will our industry begin pushing for a standard definition of what "modular/prefab" housing built to the same codes as site built? 
  • When will modular housing stop being inspected so much harder than site built homes by local code officials who really don't understand how our homes are built? 
  • When will the states begin putting modular/prefab housing in the same category as site built homes and stop calling them industrialized buildings? 

So many questions and so few answers.


Anonymous said...

Georgia Code defines modular as "industrialized" to clarify it is not a HUD code manufactured home -

The term also brands modular as different than conventional site built

The distinctive characteristics of an industrialized building are:
DEFINITION: The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) defines an Industrialized
building as “any structure or component thereof which is wholly or in substantial part made,
fabricated, formed or assembled in manufacturing facilities for installation or assembly and
installation on a building site and has been manufactured in such a manner that all parts or
processes cannot be inspected at the installation site without disassembly, damage to, or
destruction thereof” (Ref. O.C.G.A. 8-2-111[3]).

creditcoach said...

We need (3) panelized buildings in Gainesville and would like a local company to handle assembly. Karl 941-345-3608