Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guerdon Building Huge Project at Yellowstone

Canyon Village, one of the highest and most remote sites in Yellowstone National Park, will soon boast 5 new multi-story lodges. When completed, 410 guest rooms will replace 200 worn-out cabins. While the grounds and foundations are currently being prepped in the Park, the modular lodges are being built in Guerdon EnterprisesBoise, Idaho factory.

Guerdon Enterprises, was chosen to build the lodges using their prefabricated, system’s built technology. In the factory, walls, ceilings and floors are built simultaneously, then flown overhead and set into place and completed with all the necessary interior finish work. A finished, three story prototype, was fabricated to allow all trades to view their various scopes before the main production run began.

Each lodge is made up of approximately 50 modules that will be transported 421 miles to Yellowstone National Park. Guerdon can fabricate a module and have it ready to transport in as little as seven days. Upon arrival, crews will use a crane to assemble the pieces together like Legos. Modules will begin shipping mid-July with three of the five buildings being completed mid-September. The remaining two lodges are scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016.

In addition to the Lodges, Guerdon has also been contracted to build an employee dormitory near Old Faithful, also to be completed this summer.

Here is another big project they recently completed.

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