Thursday, July 10, 2014

NRB Building Huge Modular School in Brooklyn

NRB Modular BuildingSpecialists in Ephrata, PA is manufacturing 163 modular-building blocks that, when attached to each other, will stand five stories tall, forming a 70,000-square-foot section of a new building for the Basis Independent School in Brooklyn, New York.

Using more than two million pounds of steel for framing and 614 cubic yards of concrete for floors, the project is NRB (USA)’s largest.

An Arizona-based educator has plans to open a private school charging $23,500 tuition per year – blocks away from the Red Hook Houses, one of the city’s largest housing projects. Locals are seeing red over the announcement, where the median income is only $16,784.

NRB is able to ship more, but in Brooklyn, there is nowhere to put them if contractors don’t use them that day, Thier shipping record is 20 in one day. Transport for the Basis project will take place over 36 days.

Shipping costs vary, depending on the destination, but the average cost ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 per block.

The total freight bill is set to exceed $1 million, according to Engle. Overall, the Basis school job is an $11 million project for NRB (USA). Basis is spending $30 million to $35 million for the entire school,

Click Here to see the 5 story floor plans 

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