Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One is Not the Loneliest Number for the Modular Home Sales Rep

You may think that "one" is a very small number, something that can be easily overlooked, but when you put the power of "one" to work for you, sales will follow as sure as the morning  follows the night.

Make "one" more cold call every day.  One extra call a day equals 260 calls in a year.   How many meetings could you set up with this number of calls and how many of those meetings could you turn into sales?   Consider your current conversion ratio and think of the impact on your business.

Suggest "one" additional item to every customer.  Too many sales people are focused only on getting the initial sale.   However, almost everyone has additional items, products, or services that could be beneficial to their customers and make you additional money.

Read "one"  book every month. Expanding your knowledge will help you become more successful.   Read books related to our industry that will provide insight in helping you improve your skill in specific areas of the home building business.

Pause for one moment longer than usual before responding to a prospect’s question or request.   Known as the "pregnant pause", this often prompts the other person to blurt out something they had not intended to say.   The secret behind this strategy is that most people are uncomfortable with silence and will begin talking to fill the “dead” air space.  Remember, the first one that speaks - loses!

Send one more thank you card or note.  Very few sales people make the effort to thank their customers.  You can stand out from the crowd by sending handwritten notes to thank customers for their most recent order or your meeting with them.  You can also send a note when you see their company mentioned favorably in the news.  If you think other sales people do this, think again.

Although it is a tiny number, one can make a very powerful impact both on your top line sales and bottom line profits. One extra sale every week or month can make a significant impact on your sales by the end of the year.

The next time you think about giving up on a high-potential prospect, consider the fact that you might be just one phone call, email, or letter away from making the sale.

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