Friday, July 25, 2014

This is a Great Way to Announce Adding a New Modular Home Builder

This is something you rarely see in the modular home industry. It should happen more. A builder's loyalty to their modular home factory begins on the first day of the relationship if they are treated with respect. - Modcoach 

Stratford Homes Limited Partnership, a "Systems-Built" modular home manufacturer located in Stratford, Wisconsin, announced the selection of Ferkey Builders Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids as their newest authorized builder.

Roy and Colleen Ferkey, owners of Ferkey Builders, recently became members of the authorized Stratford Homes' Builder network. Stratford Homes Limited Partnership announced its selection for the Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding areas of central Wisconsin. Ferkey Builders joins a network of nearly 60 authorized Stratford Homes' Builders in a seven-state area plus two provinces of Canada.

Since Stratford Homes' inception in 1973, it has completed more than 11,500 modular buildings that were delivered throughout the Midwest and parts of Canada. The business believes its success, now and in the future, depends on selecting experienced general contractors capable of handling a construction project from start to finish.

"There are so many details involved with building a new home that we select and work with only experienced general contractors," said Russ Marti, vice president of Operations at Stratford Homes. "Not only is every customer unique, but so is every job site. The average home buyer needs a reputable general contractor to organize all the different aspects required to construct and finish the home. We feel Ferkey Builders' team will provide that expertise and guide the home buyer through an enjoyable building experience."

Prospective customers are encouraged to visit the Model Home Village on Highway 97 in Stratford, where four models are available for viewing. Roy and Colleen also can make arrangements for interested buyers to tour the Stratford Homes' indoor production facility to view homes in all stages of modular construction.

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HEAR! HEAR! A value placed on relationships.