Wednesday, July 23, 2014

USA Today Dismisses the Entire Modular Home Industry

USA Today's online version just printed an article that every modular factory and builder, whether you our homes prefab or modular, should be up in arms about.

These dumbasses did so little research into what is being built today that they should change their name to "USA 20 years ago". Not one mention of all the factories across the US pumping out great modular or prefab homes for decades. Not one picture of a traditional 2 story modular home. Instead they use Blu Homes as the best example they could find and even then USA Today kind of trashed Blu Homes.

"Who do I talk to about this article?"
Here is the first part of USA Today's article followed by a link to entire web page. My comments are in RED.
You can't buy a house on for self-assembly. Not yet, anyway. 
But prefab (or prefabricated) houses, long a modernist fantasy, are having a kind of moment. Over in Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards, cranes are stacking factory-built modules on top of one another like Legos. When the stacking is done, it'll be a 32-story apartment complex, and the tallest prefab in the world, according to the developer, Forest City Ratner. Prestige architects like David Rockwell (better known for luxury hotels and restaurants) are throwing their hats in the prefab ring, too. And a brash startup called Blu Homes, established in 2008, is spurring envy REALLY? and some resentment: It has about $150 million in investment, as well as technology that folds glass walls and high ceilings on flatbed trucks — and says it's already doing more volume than anyone in the prefab business. REALLY??????
It's way too early to say whether any of these efforts will modernize the homebuilding industry, which relies on old methods and remains fragmented and inefficient. These methods are the same site builders use.
Historically, the prefab dream has ebbed and flowed; at times, cost overruns and impossible promises have turned it into a total nightmare. What the hell are they talking about?
Even now, the upswing is relative: Blu Homes may be leading the industry Again, REALLY?, but it's built fewer than 300 houses in total. (Compare that to the 569,000 homes constructed last year.)
CLICK HERE to read the entire stupid article.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I just read this article and I guess today is opposite day. Architects hate modular, Blu Homes is not even close to the largest manufacturer (I think Excel did more in the first two quarters than Blu Homes did in two years), and cost overruns happen way more often in stick built construction. I wish another factory would put the money Blu Homes is putting into their marketing. It is a shame this company is becoming the face of the modular industry considering their ability to lie through their teeth. I wish someone would sue them for defamation.

Anonymous said...

LMAO - Blu Homes "the darling of the West Coast" as the face of modular. Their product is not unique nor cutting edge but they do know how to market as an environmentally friendly company concerned about our world and those less fortunate in it. Oh! did I mention while building at premium pricing.

Anonymous said...

Reading the journalist's bio helped to understand her perspective and viewpoint about Blu Homes and the attitudes of architects. I think if she looks at China and some other European producers she would have a better feel for modular and flat pack producers serving the undeveloped third world.

Steve L said...

Clearly it is a specific media attempt to squash momentum of factory built housing. Why? recently Tiny Houses, Modular and Manufactured homes have been getting good press and TV time. Recent site built published sales dropped 8%. Their answer was consolidation from quarter to quarter reporting, really?

Propaganda exists in traditional media when change happens.

Unknown said...

could you let me know if you do or don't want my comments anymore?
Thank you, Scott Stone, Oxford, Maine

Coach said...

scott, I absolutely encourage comments. I only censor slanderous comments and ones that have hidden links built in.

Unknown said...

Can you clarify what was inappropriate about my comments regarding the USA Today article?

Coach said...

Scott, I'm sorry but I don't remember ever getting your comment. I just checked my trash and spam folder and did not find anything with you name. Please send it again and I will acknowledge that I received it and publish it if it is neither slanderous nor libelous.

I welcome criticism about a factory, builder or product but I have to be very careful.