Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What next? A Modular Domino's Pizza Restaurant Maybe

ICON Construction, a general contractor specializing in the design and build of modular, permanent modular and modular re-locatable buildings, announces involvement with Domino’s Pizza’s new movable franchise in Farmington, Arkansas. The new venture, Modom (Modular Domino’s Inc.), recently held a soft opening in late March, where it was met with overwhelming success, servicing more than 200 orders within a few hours.

The 1380 square foot movable modular restaurant offers all the amenities of a full sized commercial kitchen with its large walk-in cooler, state of the art pizza-oven and drive through window for patrons on the go. Post assembly, this modular restaurant is virtually indistinguishable from any typical site-built restaurant and offers each franchise uniqueness and diversity in floor design.
When the franchisee owner,Brad Medders , was asked about the new restaurant, he replied that he believed it will be a "Home Run”.
The global pizza delivery service chose to test this innovative modular concept based on their expedited schedule. The speed of construction helped provide Domino’s a faster ROI since modular construction compresses the time spent on the building and site work, reducing a typical completion schedule by up to 50%. This method also offers the international brand lower initial and overhead costs as well as a mobility option, allowing owners the opportunity to easily move the structure out of markets that don’t do well.

This new trend among franchises isn’t surprising given the tax benefits which inland stores are entitled to. Rather than choosing the option of a costly rental space, modular structures owned by the franchisee, along with a land lease option, all the franchisee a cost effective solution without being locked into a specific location. This revolutionary concept frees up stores to plan and test markets in new cities with less financial risk.
“The Dominos in Farmington was a very exciting and rewarding project to be a part of. The level of detail and thought put into every aspect of the project in design and execution of the finished product brings a great deal of pride to our team.” said Eric Salomone, Building Design Lead.
Icon Construction is proud to be a Veteran and Native American owned manufacturer of modular structures in the U.S.

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