Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Reason to Build Modular

From the Halifax Herald News in Nova Scotia, Canada, fire crews responded to a blaze on Saturday night after neighbours reported hearing a loud boom at a duplex under construction.

It didn’t take long for firefighters to arrive at 11 Armshore Dr., just up from the Armdale rotary. Six units with 22 firefighters attended the scene. There were no injuries.

“Crews attacked and quickly knocked it down within 10 minutes,” said Pat Kline, a division commander with the fire service. Kline said the fire was located on the second floor of the structure.

Halifax Fire investigators have finished working at the scene, but had not made a final determination on the cause as of Sunday morning.

A cinder block fire wall helped contain the flames to the right side of the three-storey building. The floor of the third storey had burned through and partially collapsed in the back, as had the stairs to the third floor.

Kline said an investigation would look at the cause of the fire. Although neighbours said construction crews at the site worked with compressed air, Kline said there didn’t appear to be any kind of tanks when firefighters arrived.

Here is why modular construction might have saved the day:

“There’s some reports that there might have been people in the building, like just kids using it as a fort,” he said. “It’s been under construction so it’s been wide open.”

A passerby Sunday morning said the property had been under construction for close to a year.

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