Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coastal Town Bans Mobile Homes But Encourages Modular

The Lewes, DE city fathers have decided that mobile homes will never again be allowed in their town. The only mobile home park within its city limits cannot replace a mobile home with another even if the unit was destroyed by fire or hurricane.

They will however allow modular homes into the town. At least they are not like a lot of other city councils and planners that have lumped mobile and modular into the same package of low cost affordable HUD homes. Recognizing that modular is the best way to replace mobile homes, this city planning commission realizes that modular and site built homes are built to the same specs.

People that live in mobile homes in Lewes, DE are effectively being pushed out of town if their home is deemed unlivable and they are not allowed to replace it with another mobile home. They are not even allowed to get a permit to renovate their homes.

If you’ve ever been to Lewes, you know that land values are climbing fast and the taxes they get from a mobile home pales in comparison with what they can get for a permanent home.

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