Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heckaman Homes No Longer a Mystery to Modcoach

A couple of months back a modular home builder asked me if I had ever heard of Heckaman Homes in Nappanee, Indiana. “Of course” I said. But I really hadn’t and I’m the guy that is supposed to know about all things modular.

Well, a couple of weeks ago Jeff Tanner, their Sales Manager, and I finally started talking and what I found was a company that’s been around for 45 years.

It was started by Pete Heckaman in 1969, who ran it until 1986, when it was purchased by Craftech Building Systems Inc. It is a Management Owned Company. John Mahnken is the current president and started with the company 25 years on the production line.

The 75 employees average 45 years old and have worked for the company for 20+ years. These guys know the right way to build homes and have built over 20,000 homes.

One of the unique things I learned about Heckaman Homes is that they not only deliver their own homes, the drivers are also the set crew and most homes are set the day they arrive at the homeowners lot. They also have finish and service crews that are employees of Heckaman.

They specialize in modular single family homes but have done dorms, hotels and office buildings within their sales area which includes the Dakotas to Pennsylvania, south to the Mason-Dixon Line and north into Canada. Whew!

Now I really do know who Heckaman Homes is now and I’m glad I do.

Here are pictures of their factory and production lines.

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jay said...

Good luck getting your home in the time they promise you!!!Also after they have your money good luck getting anyone to return your call up to and including the president himself.