Monday, August 25, 2014

Modular Home Builders and Factory Sales Reps - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT

Take It or Leave It.

What a powerful choice. Let me explain what I mean by this statement.

As many of you know, I like to feature completed modular homes on this blog. Pictures of the exterior featuring front elevations and lots of finished interior shots including kitchens and baths.

What you don’t know is the reach this blog has. About 6 years ago I was reaching mostly an audience of factory folks and builders with the little readership by the home buying public. That changed 2 years ago when I noticed my viewer demographics are now 47% women, ages 25-35 years old, reading from home in the evening on a tablet.

These my fellow modular home fanatics are potential new home buyers looking at modular housing as a possible alternative to site building.

What do they find when they get here? Not enough pictures of your homes so that they can see that what you build is what they might want. These women want to see pictures of finished homes and interiors, not houses on the production line.

To all Factory Sales Reps: If you want to help your builders and ultimately your factory, you should be sending over pictures of completed homes along with the builder’s name and the town or state where the home is located. You are not helping your builder get new business by not listing their houses on this blog. When your factory completes a project like an apartment building or hotel, send finished pictures and I promote the factory.

To all Modular Home Builders: Some of you actually send me pictures of completed homes and these get thousands of pageviews on my site. All it takes is one of this viewers to reach out and build a home with your company and then you will realize that having pictures of your homes everywhere you can place them for free is effective.


Take It and I will publish your pictures and I will include a link to your company’s website and if you want, I will also include your email address. It’s free… TAKE advantage of this opportunity. 

Leave It and you can forget this great FREE marketing tool. Sales reps that Leave It are cheating their builders of a great marketing effort. 

Another great advantage of sending over your pictures and links.....I just started a new blog strictly for the potential new modular home buyer called Modular Home Living. Sending me your home pictures will also get you on this site. It's a Twofer!

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