Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stick Builders Have Hard Time Matching Insulation Qualities of Modular Construction

I just received this email from Harris Woodward, owner of Finish Werks in Savage, MD who builds some of the best High Performance modular homes in the country. His email speaks for itself.

This is a monthly report that comes from ICF – the contractor that administers Maryland’s Builder Rewards program (regulated by the Public Service Commission from utility company grants) that pays out up to $1600 for Energy Star rated homes.

My point is this: when you look at the photos you can tell right away this substandard insulation installation does not happen in modular. With indoor, line-production controls, installing insulation is almost always “Class I”. Stick builders have a problem on their hands because the insulation subs are cutting corners and the other trades and not talking to the insulation team.

In modular home building, given the close proximity of each trade to the other, these challenges just don’t happen. If there is an issue with compressing insulation, one man simply walks down the assembly line to discuss the solution with the other guy.

Problem solved.

Another reason to go modular.

BTW,                             is a senior consultant at ICFI. He comes to me occasionally on building science advice so that he can council Ryan Homes and other regional builders how to tighten up their homes cost effectively. I’m not making this up!... and yet these stick builders continue to try and hit IECC 2012 one Stick at a time. Good grief.


W. Harris Woodward
Member, Master CGP

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