Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Converted Cargo Containers Do Not Make Good Homes

Cargo containers are grossly over-designed for housing, being capable of stacking 9 high when full of tons of stuff; the floors and the paints are selected for international travel and are toxic

The corrugated walls are hard to insulate and they are structural so they have to be replaced with beams when removed.

In fact, the important part of the shipping container isn't the container at all; it's the handling system, the amazing infrastructure of ships and cranes and trains and trucks that move them around, delivering their contents for a fraction of the cost of the old break-bulk shipping. It's the transportation system that made globalism happen.

So why are Architects using them for their designs? Because they think that using a cargo container with its Lego looks and standard dimensions just might be the answer to what people will be looking for as affordable housing in the future.

If people were forced to live in converted cargo containers, they would rebel. But make them the ‘in’ thing for the off center crowd and you have a movement.

Enough already, buy a single wide HUD home and it will be a must nicer home.

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