Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dreamline Modular Homes is Showing Off Again

The crew at Dreamline Modular Homes just keep building some of the most beautiful modular homes I have seen in a long time. This latest home was just finished in Lexington, MA and like all their other homes, I could move in tomorrow. Chris, tell your customers they have to move out of my house.

CLICK HERE to see the Dreamline Home that was the 'Featured Home' of July on the MHBA website.


Unknown said...

Is there anyone making beautiful modular homes like this and selling them in Oregon?

Coach said...

You are probably out of luck Michele. West coast modular companies are decades behind what the east coast is building. Most houses in the west are still built on steel frames one at a time.

The east coast builds on production lines, something that Henry Ford taught manufacturers over 100 years ago. The west coast builds each house in place and brings all the material to it.

There are some progressive modular builders on the west coast but you will have to visit a lot of websites to find one.

Chuck said...

It looks like these guys at Dreamline Modular are selling one heck of a good looking finished product. I am sure the manufacturer has alot to do with it as well.
How many homes a year does Dreamline sell?

Kris said...

Hi Chuck!

First thank you very much for the compliments on the house. It is greatly appreciated. We at Dreamline are a turnkey builder and we specialize in start to finish construction in MA and RI and more importantly the design of the homes. I have personally been drawing modular plans for 10 years and I have learned the ins and outs of making a house look the way it needs to look. All of our granite, hardwoods, siding, etc are actually done onsite and not with the manufacturer. We construct roughly 25 homes a year in the Massachusetts area with most of our business being in the Metro Boston area. I always say you pay for what you get in a house and we atleast offer items that are not standard in any sort of construction. A little design time and pride in your work goes very far in the finished product of the home. Again thank you very much for the compliments everyone and as we finish houses we will continue to send them to Coach!

Best Regards,