Thursday, October 2, 2014

A MA Modular Builder Promotes the Wrong Image

Yesterday I wrote an article about modular home builders missing the target when it comes to attracting the real buyer to their website. Equating the Process to Finished Modular Home is Huge Mistake.

Imagine my surprise when I got on Facebook and saw Westchester Modular Homes of Greater Boston using nothing but photos of setting a new house. It really doesn't appeal to a "buyer" because buyers want to see photos of what they could actually live in, not some unrecognizable boxes being unloaded and set on a foundation.

I really don't mean to single out Westchester Homes of Greater Boston as they are not alone in missing the mark. They were just the first one I saw after I published the article. If they could just wait about 60 days and then put some pictures of this home finished on Facebook, they would get more buyers going to their website and possibly making an appointment to buy a new home.

Take a few minutes and read my article and then look at what you put on your website and social media. If you see a ton of set pictures and few finished home ones, your are targeting the wrong person.

Which picture sends a better image of your company?

A Modular Home Being Set
A Photo of a Great Looking Home

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