Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Equating the Process to Finished Modular Home is Huge Mistake

I've been following Facebook and other social media for years and watched as many modular home builders and factories have tried to use it to promote their business. The problem these social media updates is they promote the wrong message.

There are two parts to the home buying process. The first part is the actual decision to 'buy' and the second part is the decision to 'pay'. You would think that these two decision are made at the same time. They're not.

The 'buy' part is made only after the 'buyer' side is ready and adamant about buying which is based on what is expected after buying the home. The 'pay' side only needs to figure out how to fit it into their budget.

In a typical marriage, one is the 'buyer' and the other is the 'payer'. It really doesn't matter who is who in the marriage, the important thing is attract the 'buyer' to your website and eventually to a meeting with you about a new modular home. How to do this is the tricky thing about using social media.

Personally I love big, juicy cheeseburgers. Show me a picture of one and I start thinking I should buy one and pay for it. Show me a picture of a slaughterhouse and I have no desire to even go to the restaurant.

Buyer Photo

Same thing with clothes. Showing Peggy a picture of women sewing in a huge foreign factory will not get her to buy a dress let alone pay for it.

Buyer Photo

But the modular housing industry does just that on Facebook. A lot of you show pictures of houses on the production line, being transported to the jobsite, the set process and finally pictures of homes when the set crew leaves. There are seldom pictures of finished homes.

Buyer Photo

Buyers want to see pictures of what they can get and Payers a lot of time don't mind seeing the nuts and bolts. Problem with that is that the Payer doesn't make the Buying decision. For example, Peg and I have been married almost 50 years and I (Payer) would never make a large purchase without getting permission from her (Buyer). I'm not stupid, I read the "Husband's Handbook" years ago.

Stop using pictures on your social media pages and on your website that show production lines, etc and get some pictures of your finished homes posted. You just may find a 'Buyer'.

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