Monday, October 6, 2014

Family in TN Forced to File Lawsuit against Clayton Homes

A McMinn County, Tennessee family says they're forced to live in a camper after their modular home was damaged while being delivered. Despite some repairs, the family filed a lawsuit against Clayton Homes and claims the house is still not safe.

The lawsuit states that a subcontractor drove the home into an overpass on I-75 while delivering it. Tim Adams said his family fears the house could collapse on them if they decided to move in there.

"We feel like we're in prison on our own property," said Adams.

Adams, his wife and 12-year-old daughter were excited to move into their new home in McMinn County last year. Instead they've been stuck living in a camper just yards away from the damaged house.

A lawsuit against the manufacturer, Clayton Homes (CMH Homes, Inc.) said the company told Adams in December that his home would be ready in three weeks.

"Here it is nine months later, and we're still in the camper," Adams said. | Chattanooga News, Weather


Anonymous said...

3 weeks ? Really ? I highly doubt any builder would commit to building a new home in 3 months, not alone 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

This article is scary. If you look the last name of the attorney and the last name of the homeowner they are the same. Given the video, it appears two punch out guys working for a day or two could take care of many if not all of the problems that they claim are keeping them from moving in because they are afraid the home will fall down around them. I think the media industry jumped the gun on reporting on this one. I smell something fishy with the homeowner's claims. With the related attorney, it looks to me this customer is trying to get a free home when a little work is all that is needed!

Anonymous said...

And if "just a little work is needed" then why isn't Clayton out there fixing it or making the cheap subs get out there and fix it. Thanks Clayton for messing up the real modular companies businesses. They build it and then blame every problem on someone else.

Anonymous said...

Owner name Adams, attorney name Marble -- how is that the same and the something fishy is Clayton not caring if they satisfy an owner, because they weren't responsible to ship it, set it, finish it, etc.. or any other of a number of excuses they can come up with when using their model of distribution.